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The Exclusive Deals are initiated by the vendor themselves and not by the marketplace.

AudioNotes helps you summarize and create content & chat with your unstructured voice and text notes using AI.
Sintra enables businesses to leverage AI for effective process automation and growth.
MotionShot helps you convert your knowledge base into informative screen guides & tutorials under minutes.
SellKit helps you drive engagement and sales with sales funnels, order bumps, upsells, personalized coupons, discounts and alerts using the most advanced checkout optimizer for WooCommerce.
100Tasks is a proven step-by-step guide for startup builders by Martin Bell. Plug-and-play framework for your startup ideas, businesses, venture studios, consulting firms or seek to understand startup funding.
ScaleYourProduct helps you implement proven systems, learn client acquisition science, and apply it to your specific use case for a competitive advantage.
Amazing Selling Machine is the proven business builder program trusted by +35,000 entrepreneurs worldwide.
Audiotext turns your thoughts and ideas into useable notes.
Simulatri is a powerful funnel designer software that allows users to create and model complex funnels with ease.
xCloud helps you unlock next-gen WordPress hosting & server management and automate setup, maximize performance & simplify hosting.
ShipFast is the NextJS boilerplate with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers. From idea to production in 5 minutes.
Latenode is an Intuitive and non-linear workflow automation platform, built for those who know all popular tools and crave for more.
ContentBoom is a WordPress plugin designed to enhance website SEO and performance through AI-driven optimization.
Litemove is your go-to animation visual editor, compatible with all website platforms.
ClonewebX helps you clone websites in mere seconds. Say goodbye to painstakingly re-creating web pages from scratch.
DigitalBizModels is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed for success in today's competitive marketplace.
Vsub is a tool for creating video captions with 98.5% accuracy in minutes. It offers auto-generated captions, auto-highlighted keywords, trendy templates, and animated emoji captioning.
LinkBoss utilizes the power of Machine Learning Algorithms and AI to transform your website’s interlinking strategy.
Stratup is a brand new AI-powered tool that helps you generate unique and innovative startup ideas in seconds.
Zoof is a powerful platform that contains 17 tools for identifying profitable opportunities, producing high-quality keyword research, boosting organic rankings, optimizing listings with precision and so much more.
Internxt is a secure and private cloud storage service powered by military-grade encryption and distributed technology.
BrainCert is an All-in-one Unified Training Platform with all the tools and expertise you need to learn, teach, market, and collaborate online - All in one place!
Swift Performance is the first, and most innovative AI driven speed optimization plugin for WordPress.
Fullstro helps you optimize inventory levels and manage all your sales channels.
Woooplugin helps you unlock the full potential of the eCommerce website by integrating the WooCommerce plugin, skyrocket your sales and improve conversions.
Markutos is an advanced single and multivendor eCommerce web application built with Laravel and React.
MindPal helps you get things done 10x faster with an AI-powered second brain that knows it all and does it all.
Hexact is data mining, analysis & machine learning solutions for business. Experience the true power of the cloud + AI to delegate and scale your work.
Meiro lets you make beautiful interactive content with its one-click AI feature. Create quizzes and text games that people love to finish.
Zintlr offers you detailed information for your prospects from 30+ million companies and 150+ million professionals across the globe with top-notch accuracy to elevate your sales game.
Writepanda is an AI-based tool for podcasters, it can help automate some of the time-consuming parts of your podcast production like creating shownotes, timestamps, titles, mentions, blogs, newsletters, tweets etc. is the complete client portal software that lets you do it all with your clients and team, stress-free.
Solid Affiliate is a Premium WordPress plugin that makes it easy to build an affiliate program for any WooCommerce store.
Happierleads is a lead-gen tool designed to give you information on each and every person that visits your website.
FluentForms is a robust WordPress form builder tool that will take away all troubles from your form-building experience.
Nuelink is a social media scheduling and automation for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Pinterest…
LongShot is an AI-powered content writing assistant that research, generate, and optimize high-quality long-form content.
SendMails is an all-in-one platform that enables you to send emails, manage your contacts, capture leads, and automate your marketing efforts.
Zynith is the game-changing SEO plugin with no external API or library calls.
Zagomail is an email marketing platform that lets you build forms, landing pages, and automated workflows for targeted email campaigns.

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