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Platform: SaaS Mantra

SaaS Mantra is a revolutionary SaaS ecosystem that connects 1000s of entrepreneurs across the world.

Xpeacho is a powerful text-to-speech tool that allows users to generate human-sounding voiceovers in just a few clicks.
Leadup Shop helps you transform your online store into a vibrant, customer-centric hub by incorporating a suite of solutions that streamline inventory management and foster genuine connections with your audience through intuitive engagement features.
Unione is a powerful tool for sending automated emails when your customers interact with your website and take a predefined action.
Popsuite adds a video popup and bubble widget to your website that helps humanize your brand for increased engagement and building trust with your visitors and customers.
VimZy is a powerful tool that can generate videos by just typing a few keywords. Turn your captivating scripts into a video effortlessly without additional editing software.
ScrapeLocal is a powerful tool that extracts contact information from website URLs and Google Maps.
WarpIndex is a powerful tool that consistently monitors your website and submits pages to Google Index for improved SEO performance.
Leelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech platform that converts text into speech in various languages and voices.
AIChatbot is a no-code Chatbot builder for businesses to build, train, and deploy a human-like virtual Customer Service agent powered by AI for your website.
X-me is a powerful tool that generates videos with AI avatars. Make videos, how-to guides, and build e-learning modules with an AI avatar in your project without breaking the bank.
PlugSMS helps you send bulk messages instantly to your target audience from an Android mobile phone.
Geoscraper is a powerful tool that helps you extract valuable data from businesses by scraping Google Maps listings, Shopify stores, and Trustpilot reviews.
Outstrip helps you track your social media performance metrics in near real-time and get automated weekly and monthly reports for all your and your client's brand pages delivered straight to your inbox.
MrZeroCode is a no-code development tool that helps you build and launch landing pages, websites, and SaaS tools with just a few drag-drops and clicks.
Scheduled helps content creators, social media managers, and influencers to schedule, and publish their LinkedIn content and view performance analytics directly from Notion.
Linksend is a powerful email address-capturing tool for businesses and website owners to generate unlimited leads and grow their email lists with a simple link.
Feedify is an all-capable customer engagement tool that helps you engage your customers with targeted push notifications to sell more and retain your customers.
Enhanci is a no-code pricing page creation tool for businesses to boost clicks and conversions with customized website pricing plans in minutes.
SEO Spyglass is a powerful software for backlink audit & research. It helps you find the high-quality backlinks that boost your competitors' ranking and also enables you to find the backlinks that drive the most traffic to your website.
POWR One is your all-in-one toolkit to optimize your website for conversion and grow your revenue with 60+ tools & ready to use 450+ templates.
Simpu is a collaborative customer communication platform, with an omnichannel inbox for businesses to increase revenue, and boost customer satisfaction & loyalty. is a Data Centralization platform to streamline your business operations by organizing your scattered data, into a central database for seamless cross-platform automation, and integrates with over 1,600 (and growing) tools via Make Engine.
Rainex is a subscription management tool to automate your billing, payment collection, invoicing, and more at scale. is a simplified content generator that solves your Writer Block, producing high-quality, error-free content just the way you want it.
Vloggi is a video submission management platform that helps you to collect and store testimonial videos for your business(es) from your customers, along with their consent to re-use those clips in marketing.
Directual is the no-code platform that empowers businesses to create custom applications without any programming skills.
RevSites is a no-code landing page and website builder for businesses across industries to build revenue-generating websites quickly.
Team-GPT is the ultimate AI addition to your team that will revolutionize collaboration and mastery of ChatGPT.

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