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A software lifetime deal refers to a type of software purchase where the user pays a one-time fee for lifetime access to the software. This means that the user can use the software indefinitely without any additional charges or fees. Lifetime deals are becoming increasingly popular among software users as they offer a cost-effective alternative to subscription-based models.

RambleFix helps you clean up your speech and turn it into clear, well-structured text. Alternative to Audiopen.
AudioNotes helps you summarize and create content & chat with your unstructured voice and text notes using AI.
Pabbly Connect is an enterprise-ready solution that automates tasks and integrates various business tools, providing a secure and efficient platform for managing operations.
PlugSMS helps you send bulk messages instantly to your target audience from an Android mobile phone.
Sintra enables businesses to leverage AI for effective process automation and growth.
Geoscraper is a powerful tool that helps you extract valuable data from businesses by scraping Google Maps listings, Shopify stores, and Trustpilot reviews.
MotionShot helps you convert your knowledge base into informative screen guides & tutorials under minutes.
Outstrip helps you track your social media performance metrics in near real-time and get automated weekly and monthly reports for all your and your client's brand pages delivered straight to your inbox.
Weberlo is an intelligent sales attribution platform that helps you monetise traffic.
MrZeroCode is a no-code development tool that helps you build and launch landing pages, websites, and SaaS tools with just a few drag-drops and clicks.
Scheduled helps content creators, social media managers, and influencers to schedule, and publish their LinkedIn content and view performance analytics directly from Notion.
Linksend is a powerful email address-capturing tool for businesses and website owners to generate unlimited leads and grow their email lists with a simple link.
Feedify is an all-capable customer engagement tool that helps you engage your customers with targeted push notifications to sell more and retain your customers.
Enhanci is a no-code pricing page creation tool for businesses to boost clicks and conversions with customized website pricing plans in minutes.
DottyPost is an AI-driven LinkedIn content creation and scheduling tool that helps you build your brand, save time, and consistently engage your audience.
Spokk is a customer feedback platform that helps you collect and manage honest feedback about your business, then turn it into compelling reviews.
UseBubbles helps you build better relationships with your users by creating one centralized meet point that hosts all your customer-facing modules.
SellKit helps you drive engagement and sales with sales funnels, order bumps, upsells, personalized coupons, discounts and alerts using the most advanced checkout optimizer for WooCommerce.
Codesmash helps you cut development time and data storage cost by deploying custom backends in the cloud with no coding skills
MySEOAuditor provides comprehensive insights to optimize your website's performance and boost its search engine visibility.
EverLearns.Co helps you learn anything faster and smarter with learning paths, lecture notes, and quizzes that generate themselves.
GoCharile elevates your team by automating repetitive tasks, and enabling your team to focus on more strategic, creative work.
EverLearns helps educators, content creators, and parents generate quality courses, FAST.
StoreGrowth allows you to create visually appealing and functional WooCommerce countdown timers.
Droptrim is the website visitor analytics tool that provides information about website traffic, VPN detection, proxy detection, IP blacklist, and more.
Leadsrush is a lead generation software, find the email address behind any company and verify emails.
ToChat is a complete solution to manage your customers via WhatsApp: Inbound, Outbound, and Payments.
HostVerge is a top-tier hosting service designed for agencies, e-commerce businesses, and entrepreneurs, and more containing features.
Learnitive transforms content creation with its AI writer, merging learning, Copyscape-checked content, and code execution.
Upp is an all-in-one business management app to simplify operations, from sales and scheduling to inventory and customer communication and managing leads, orders, & clients to boost productivity.
Kamoto is revolutionizing the AI landscape by enabling users to create, train, and monetize bespoke AI characters or personalities while offering celebrities & influencers.
WPCopyDefender ensures the security and integrity of digital assets without the complexities or costs associated with alternative protection methods.
NativeRest is a high-performance and memory efficient REST API client for Windows.
GoZen Notify helps you increase website traffic, sales, and engagement with a new-age marketing channel in a less intrusive way.
TubeOnAI is your one-stop solution for YouTube video, podcast, and long-form content summarization.
Audiotext turns your thoughts and ideas into useable notes.
Emailwish is an all-in-one Email Marketing tool with chats, reviews and pop-ups combined.
Simulatri is a powerful funnel designer software that allows users to create and model complex funnels with ease.
MangoSEO is the most advanced platform for creating AI SEO content at scale. Unlimited content, full integration with WordPress, and AI-powered programmatic SEO on autopilot.
Truly Office allows you to accomplish your best job without paying high monthly fees. Get all of your favorite apps, plus more features, for less.

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