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RambleFix helps you clean up your speech and turn it into clear, well-structured text. Alternative to Audiopen.
AudioNotes helps you summarize and create content & chat with your unstructured voice and text notes using AI.
Audiotext turns your thoughts and ideas into useable notes.
FocusSee is a screen recorder that automatically tracks cursor movement, applies dynamic zoom and click effects, adds a pleasant background, and generates professional-looking videos/GIFs that are ready to use.
Postuby is the ultimate social media content creation tool, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for effortless design and text generation.
Vsub is a tool for creating video captions with 98.5% accuracy in minutes. It offers auto-generated captions, auto-highlighted keywords, trendy templates, and animated emoji captioning.
Boolvideo is an advanced AI video creation platform that helps brands turn product pages and images into promo videos.
Internxt is a secure and private cloud storage service powered by military-grade encryption and distributed technology.
vidBoard is an AI-powered video platform that produces human-led videos using pre-designed industry templates and AI-generated avatars.
Picnie helps businesses easily create professional-quality graphics for social media, display ads, website banners, and more using No-code tools and REST APIs.
VideoCom empowers you to create and share screen captures or high quality video presentations with ease.
Writepanda is an AI-based tool for podcasters, it can help automate some of the time-consuming parts of your podcast production like creating shownotes, timestamps, titles, mentions, blogs, newsletters, tweets etc.
Glorify is a marketing design platform with built-in tools and a multimedia library for all skill levels to create professional visuals.
TakeAscreen helps you capture stunning screenshots and record your screen effortlessly.
Wrap is a powerful tool for brands to design and edit images for social media, product development, presentations, and much more.
Eariously makes it simple for anyone to turn text or RSS feeds into audio in just a few clicks.
Yarnit is a generative AI content platform that helps you ideate, write, design, and publish brand-aligned content.
AIRecording is the world’s first text to speech app powered by Epidemic Sound. Realistic voiceovers in different languages, and award-winning tracks for your content.
Plasfy is an all-in-one graphic and design tool that allows you to create professional designs for your business in just a few minutes.
FlexClip is a web-based video maker that helps everyone create stunning videos in minutes, no design skills needed.
ImVidU is an all-in-one repurposing content creation and video editing tool.
Vizeo (formerly VistaSpeech) helps you create professional voiceovers without hiring a voice actor that capture your audiences' attention.
Viddyoze is a cloud-based video editing tool that helps users create studio-quality intros, edit videos, design templates, add watermarks, and more.
ArtSpace is proving capable of surprisingly astonishing creative work of art.
Bubbles is a collaboration tool that lets's tag anything on screen and invite teammates to discuss in-context. Eliminate 38% of meetings with quick back-and-forth videos and smart reminders.
Yepic helps you create AI videos in minutes with stable diffusion avatars & world's best lip sync.
AudioPen transforms unstructured voice notes into clearly summarised text. It’s simple to use, and creates a new way for you to save your thoughts. All you have to do it hit record, and start speaking.
Utrrr (previously Blakify) is the ultimate audio solution for all your needs! Whether you're working on a video presentation, podcast, or audiobook, Utrrr has you covered.
With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, ScreenRun allows you to transform your static files or screen recordings into captivating videos in just a few seconds.
Publitio is a cloud-based media management platform that lets you easily store, deliver, and protect your video and image files.

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