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FlexiSign is the world’s first privacy and security-focused e-signature tool.
LearnMentalModels is the ultimate solution for entrepreneurs seeking to improve their strategic thinking skills.
SlackBuddy helps you create engaging polls and manage approval process for your teams anywhere in Slack.
Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and visualization software that helps users create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, and more.
Microsoft Project is a project management software that helps users plan, schedule, and track projects.
1min.AI is an all-in-one AI app that enables all AI capabilities. Increase your productivity while improving your work and life!
AICamp enables teams to access all top-tier AI & LLMs for quicker adoption, increased productivity, and greater collaboration
Flot helps you write better, remember everything, and get inspired. With Al at your side, you can access a world of ideas and inspiration, saving your knowledge effortlessly and recalling it in seconds.
Power Formulas is a Google Sheets add-on integrating AI-powered text and image generation, enhancing productivity and analysis within spreadsheets.
HARPA is a Chrome extension for AI-powered web automation: ChatGPT for Google Search, ChatGPT writer, summarize, rewrite, extract and monitor web pages, prices and data.
Sintra enables businesses to leverage AI for effective process automation and growth.
Learnitive transforms content creation with its AI writer, merging learning, Copyscape-checked content, and code execution.
Kamoto is revolutionizing the AI landscape by enabling users to create, train, and monetize bespoke AI characters or personalities while offering celebrities & influencers.
Truly Office allows you to accomplish your best job without paying high monthly fees. Get all of your favorite apps, plus more features, for less.
MindPal helps you get things done 10x faster with an AI-powered second brain that knows it all and does it all.
MadNotes is a minimalistic markdown notepad. Opened in a new tab, always at hand, fast to write, private if needed.
Kitchen.co is the complete client portal software that lets you do it all with your clients and team, stress-free.
Sidekick is a productivity Internet browser, made for online workers. It easily structures the online surfing routines with the set of tools for a razor-sharp focus.
Noysi is a collaboration platform that greatly increases productivity by integrating all the necessary services for the internal and external communication of your company or community on a single platform.
Microsoft Office is a suite of productivity applications developed by Microsoft that includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.
Vend.Email helps you to get anonymous email addresses you can quickly and securely create and transfer.
Vizologi inspires you to develop brainstorming ideas, provides access to premium data to analyze competence, markets, and trends, and is a builder to create unique and creative business plans for your startup.
IdeaBuddy is an innovative business planning tool that helps aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and companies propel their great ideas into successful businesses.
Team-GPT is the ultimate AI addition to your team that will revolutionize collaboration and mastery of ChatGPT.
SuiteDash is a comprehensive software that combines business essentials into a pre-integrated, white-label-ready platform.

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