Flot.AI Lifetime Deal: Write, Read, Memorize with Al at your side

This post is the right place to find information about the Flot.AI Lifetime Deal and Review. The deal was launched with a considerable discount, and we will provide all the details in this post. The features included in the lifetime deal and our opinion on whether it is worth availing will also be covered. After reading this post, you will have all the necessary information to make an informed decision about the Flot.AI Lifetime Deal and determine if it suits your needs.


Write, Read, Memorize. With Al at your side.

Your AI Ally: Blending into Your Workflow, Growing with Your Knowledge.

Write better

Get help writing right where you work—no need to switch to a separate AI platform.

Remember everything

Save your knowledge and memos effortlessly, recall them anytime in seconds.

Get ideas

Unlock a world of ideas and inspiration, fueling your creativity for any challenge.


Total 250 credits per month 🌟

Integrate ChatGPT everywhere

Seamless AI Memory Hub

ChatGPT-4 for Desktop (Windows & Mac)

Enterprise ChatGPT by Microsoft Azure (Ultrafast and Safe) 🌟

1,000+ One-click Prompt Templates


  • Write, save, and recall effortlessly with AI assistance
  • Access AI on demand to improve writing and recall essential information
  • Get help writing right where you work, without switching to a separate AI platform
  • Best for professionals who want to enhance their writing and memory skills
  • Alternative to Grammarly, Evernote, Google Keep
Flot helps you write better, remember everything, and get inspired. With Al at your side, you can access a world of ideas and inspiration, saving your knowledge effortlessly and recalling it in seconds.

Get started with Al, your AI ally seamlessly integrated into your workflow, offering writing assistance, effortless knowledge storage, and instant recall. Rated #1 Al Writing and Memory Product 2024, it helps you write better without switching platforms, remember everything with ease, and unlock a world of ideas and inspiration. With 3 memories found, including a quote from Blaise Pascal, it’s trusted by 720,000+ professionals. Access AI on demand, ask for writing help, engage with digital memory anytime, anywhere, and develop your AI memory. Improve writing by penning your thoughts freely and letting AI polish them to a master level, or even rewrite with the confidence of a CEO. With AI writing and editing capabilities, it’s the perfect tool to enhance your workflow.


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